"Robin is an extremely talented and hard-working graphic designer. We worked as a close team for five years developing a range of manuals critical and homecare ventilators. On top of her professionalism, can-do attitude and customer-focused approach, Robin is also one of the nicest people I have had the pleasure to work with."— Sacha Wilson "Robin is a talented, skilled, and experienced graphic designer who is a pleasure to work with. Not only does she get routine work completed in a timely and high-quality manner, but she also has a great vision for expanding the appeal, usability, and accessibility of the technical information an instruction that our department produces. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Robin anytime."— Lisa Capaldo Halbert "Robin is a consummate professional, a talented graphic designer who is relentlessly focused on exceeding customer expectations. Robin and I worked together on multiple projects for Covidien and not only did she deliver high quality work she also contributed to the overall success of the project teams through her ability to understand the needs of multiple stakeholders. Robin is a valuable team member on any project, her design skills are first-rate, and she has my ardent recommendation."— Dave Tomasula "Robin is a great team player and a pleasure to work with. Her illustrations always enhanced the documents I worked on, making for a great product for the end user. I highly recommend her."— Barb Hanzelka "Robin is a very talented graphic designer. She provides many illustrations for manuals I write, and works extremely fast. She is very responsive to required last minute changes, and provides graphics to our technical training group for their training materials as well as to the writers for manuals. She comes up with unique ways to show the intent of the illustration. I recommend Robin highly." Tani Barbour "Robin is a very gifted graphic designer who can easily take ideas and transform them into an awesome finished product. I have given Robin several projects where she excelled and exceeded my expectations. She is easy to work with and quickly understands complex and technical concepts. Robins work is very professional and completed in a timely manner. I highly recommend Robin to anyone searching for a talented and dedicated graphic designer."— Scott Dickerhoff "I've found that Robin is always very conscientious and willing to go the extra mile for her clients. I'verecommended Robin to several of my clients and have gotten excellent feedback from them. Robin is always very personable as well."— Tim Price "Robin is the definition of a hard worker. She takes every project that lands on her desk and follows thru on every detail till it is completed. I have never seen such a drive, determination and attention to detail as Robin has. She is very knowledgeable on multiple design programs, is very creative but surprisingly humble of her amazing talents as a graphic designer. With her wonder attitude and positive outlook she is a tremendous asset to have on any team."— Julie Babcock "When the time-crunch is on, count on Robin to make it happen. Her inspired work provides value to both internal and external customer product. She consistently delivers not only quality and quantity, but respects deadlines and meets or exceeds every one. Her team spirit and commitment to excellence make her an invaluable asset."— Lani Zielsdorf "I have worked with Robin at two companies, Ball Aerospace and then at 3t systems. Robin is a very talented and hard working designer, she was always there ready to take on any project even if it meant she had to learn something completely new. she is a joy to be around and to have as part of any team."— Thomas Hebert "Robin always puts the customer first. Her ability to listen to non-technical terms from the customer and convert them into a technical website is Robin's strong suit. I strongly recommend Robin for web design, graphic design, and projects pertaining to "Artistic Creation" Robin is always on time and is very sensitive to budget restrictions."— Jeffrey Korringa "I am a real estate broker and having professional websites and graphic designs are very important to my business. Robin was very good at promulgating ideas and designs that were very beneficial to me in the promotion of my business."— Jim Green "Robin created our web page featuring our antique furniture and our restoration products. What impresses us and our customers is the way she was able to create out furniture changing from one image to another. She is very creative. Our customers comment on our web site almost weekly. She is an expert in her field. We recommend her." Alice and Chuck Greenman "Robin is a very experienced web developer and graphic designer. She learns very quickly and has an impressive portfolio. She has worked in many diverse settings and is adaptable to the changing needs of businesses. She is very intelligent and loves team work. She is able to prioritize her work to meet deadlines. I would recommend Robin - she is a true professional and an asset to any company."— Heather Gray "Robin provided our customers and our company thoughtful and innovative designs. She worked very well with our development team to help us provide an overall cohesive solution for our company and our customers. This required a flexibility and level of innovation I have rarely seen of a graphic designer in my 20+ years in the software industry. I would gladly have Robin on my team again."— Mitch Mather "Robin is a hard worker and is always willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. We have had the opportunity to work together at different locations and on many projects. I highly recommend her!"— Kathy Lopez "Robin Johnson is an enthusiastic and gifted graphic designer, with a wide range of design skills and software disciplines. The knowledge she possesses brings a peace of mind to the project that it will be accomplished with great skill, on time and on budget. Robin is constantly training in the latest softwares, and has a great network of contemporaries to draw knowledge from. Robin's professional web experience paired with her graphic design training as a technical illustrator and her business acumen allows her to provide the best possible product available. Robin's accommodating disposition and years of experience and observation will most certainly be an asset for any project or company. She can provide any aspect of a company's graphic requirements, from the creation of printed collateral to professional website design, implementation and maintenance. Robin gets my highest recommendation and respect as a colleague and as a friend."— David Lewis "Robin is creative and detail driven, she strives for perfection. In working with Robin she was always diligent and concerned that she provided exactly what I needed. I could always be certain, as an engineer, that she would generate precise documentation to support my efforts and enhance my projects."— Robert Duncan "Robin has an exceptional can-do attitude and is willing and eager to take on any task. This type of approach  to her work environment makes her an exceptional addition to any team and I was grateful to work with her. Her skills as a graphics artist are topnotch and she spans the range from desktop publishing to Web to illustrations and does so all in the same day, if necessary. In addition, her upbeat personality and reliability are just what one needs during tight deadlines. I highly recommend her and would love to work with her at any point."— Barbara Darling "Robin knows how to cut thru the red tape and have fun doing it."— Mart Ford "I've worked with Robin extensively on various Web content projects and graphic arts projects. I loved working with her, as she was always conscientious, hardworking, technically precise and creative in her solutions to graphic arts and web management solutions. She's a great team player, with a kind and generous manner. I look forward to working with her again, if the opportunity presents itself." David Beachley "Robin always brought a smile into whatever she was working on. You could count on her to get the task complete before a deadline, even if she needed to stay longer to get it done. She is dependable, dedicated, and full of life. I have truly been blessed just from knowing her. I would highly recommend her for any job!"— Mershi Bassett "Robin did excellent work at National Semiconductor. She is very creative and also a reliable employee. Robin is also a very nice person and a pleasure to work with." Jeff Lavin "I worked with Robin while working at National Semiconductor. She consistently showed diligence and dedication to getting tasks completed on time and with excellent quality. I would highly recommend Robin as a valuable addition to any team."— Stephanie Tischler "Robin is extremely hard working. Given a set of requirements or a specific goal, Robin never failed to deliver. She did such a good job with a web site for my group, that two other managers approached me about their websites and I lent Robin to them. Robin would go outside her area of expertise and help out where ever needed. I remember working weekends to prepare for a trade show and Robin was there to help test the hardware even though it was not her assignment. I enthusiastically recommend Robin for any Designer position ."— Morris Paschall "Robin is great to work with. She is very intelligent and a great team player. She is very committed to her work. I have seen her work in graphic and web design and have been very impressed with her vision. She is highly professional and able to adapt to the many environments where her skills can be used."— Heather Gray "Robin exuded many great qualities during my tenure working with her. She has great inter-personal skills. Robin always worked diligently to assure that her customers needs were met and typically exceeded. She has an eye for detail and is extremely creative as well as a fine mentor. She is treat to work with and would be a valuable asset to any prospective employer."— Kenneth Jamison "Robin did a website for me. The work was impressive. Robin’s website knowledge is outstanding. That’s why I asked her to build my website. And she didn’t disappoint."Will Johnson, Owner, Photo Memories LLC 

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