Wherever your eye rests, there is beauty to behold.


Look you. We are surrounded by patterns and gradients in textiles such as wood and stone, the veins in leaves, camouflaged lizards, snow capped mountains, myriads of bold colors in ocean life...  the list is endless. Whether it's the bird's nest or the bee's honeycomb, nature reflects amazing designs and patterns which are both beautiful and useful.


I constantly marvel at these things and love to combine colors and patterns to evoke thought and emotion.


My background and experience is quite varied. On the technical side: cartography,  CAD design, technical illustration, and sign design. In the  creative camp: presentations, catalogs, magazine ads, album and book covers, brochures, fliers, logos, trade show graphics, animation, and web design.


I've had the privilege of working in the data storage, aerospace, and medical device fields.


I am known as being customer focused, quality minded and deadline driven -  but most of all... I am passionate about design!


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