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A little bit about me


My passion

Wherever your eye rests, there is beauty to behold.


We are surrounded by patterns and textures. Whether a bird's nest or honeycomb, we are never without inspiration of what is both beautiful and useful. I believe that is the very definition of design.


My goal is to provide my clients with what best represents them aesthetically.


Because I began inking on mylar by hand, I pay careful attention to detail and accuracy.

My experience ranges quite a bit in the design world. I've done technical illustration, trade show graphics, CAD design, magazine ads, brochures, logos, album covers, wedding announcements, you name it.


Something I enjoy doing as of late: superimposing items into your personal space - to scale - so you can see if it fits and if you like the look before investing in furniture, remodeling, or interior decorating. This service as proved to come in handy for several clients.


Here also are some testimonials. and resume.